Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Trip March 2006

Amsterdam is one of the cities I wanted to visit my whole life and I did. This city has so much to offer, you can walk around or reach places by tram. I did it by foot as my budget was very reduced by the time. I slept at the Flying Pig for one night so I could visit one side of the city. Amsterdam Central Station is very nearby, so it is very easy to reach by foot; The Damrak is just around the corner (main point), Madame Tussauds (wax museum) and the shopping street.M3361S-3033

By the time I went to visit Anne Frank House because of her famous diary which was found after she and others were discovered and deported to the concentration camps. I was always found about her story and still am.

Then I brought two days at Shelter City and this was much better for me as it was much calmer, different people as the Flying Pig seemed to be more party people and noisier, nothing wrong with it, just me. The Shelter City is located at the Red Light District. This is actually a really nice neighborhood, I really did enjoy my time here, walking around and discovering a whole new world.

From here I went to the museum of one of my favorite painters Vincent Van Gogh. You can buy your tickets online in order to secure that you will be able to visit. Such a wonderful museum with all his paintings and learned so much about him. A shame that he did never get recognition when alive.

After I went to Rijksmuseum to see the amazing masterpieces of different artists such as Rembrandt and his most famous painting The Night Watch , Johannes Vermeer and so many others.M3361S-3033

Amsterdam has so much to offer and it is probably one of the most visited city in Europe because of all what this place got for its visitors, even if you are in a low budget you can still access to do things for free; here you find a link with 50 free things to do in Amsterdam.M3361S-3033

I recommend to walk around the channels and take pictures of the beautiful houses, you might want to take a boat so you can see a little bit more of surroundings. Back then there was no free map so I had to buy one as it is easy to lose your way as I did many times during my visit even with a map on my hands 🙂M3361S-3033

This trip was in solo and I felt very safe, no issues at all, many things were also much cheaper than today. The official website of Amsterdam is very complete and there you will find a link which helps you to plan your trip. Traveling within Europe is very easy and you can travel by plane, by car or by train.M3361S-3033


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