Prague, Czech Republic

Trip October 2015

Traveling within Europe is really easy as you can find easily a connection to the place you want to go. It is very easy to book a flight and plan a city break. We also booked in advanced a transfer between the airport and the hotel.

We stayed at Novotel and probably located 1.5km away from the Main Square, just only 15 minutes with the tram. The tram is not so complicated to use and you can buy tickets in the counter of the underground station.

We booked a free walking tour online (in the link you find 4 so you can chose) and at the end if you are happy you can always give a tip. The guide walked with us around and explained the history and along the way we stopped to see the different landmarks and get to know a little bit more.


Prague is just so beautiful and rich in architecture, I could not stop looking around and taking pictures.

We found out during the flight that there was famous Cat Cafe and it was really worth the walk till there. The coffee was not great but it was nice to spend time with the cats as it was for us the first time in this type of concept.

We went as well to the Castle of Prague with the tram and this was actually the cherry on top of the cake. We also were very lucky that there was a parade at the time. We went to the top of the tower and the views are very beautiful.

You wonder what about food, yes we ate. And I have 2 addresses  for you with really good food and nothing from the region. We have dinner at Mesy Thai Restaurant, it was so good that I almost died “literally”. It was so spicy but so good… the second address is Cicala an Italian restaurant, you walk there and you are in Italy, amazing food mamma mía! and if you like going out for drinks, I definitely recommend you Rum House Bar. If you are a rum lover this is the place to be 🙂

Piccola Saltamontes at Lennon Wall

Well how I could I be in Prague and not eaten their specialties? I have a third address and this is Three Roses, the food and the beer were very nice and the food was very rich and it is not far from Charles Bridge.

We did all what we could in two days and a half, not bad for a weekend away from home! 🙂

View from the bridge

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