Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Trip January 2006

When I traveled for the first time my flight landed in Luxembourg. I was scared to hell as I only spoke a bit of English and no other language other than Spanish.

I arrived there and was picked up by my new family, the ones I would stay with for a year. It was I think the most adventurous thing I’ve ever done I am so happy I took the step to go out of my comfort zone to discover the world.

The picture above shows the old and historical side of the city and in the background all the EU buildings which has boomed in recent years.

Luxembourg City is really small but amazing, it is very clean wherever you go and very well organized. I was quite surprised by its beauty and how parts of the fortification were so well preserved.

You can walk safely all over the place and visit all the historical sites that the city has to offer. Really you can wander all over the place and I have never felt more safe. I would also recommend to take a tour with a guide from the tourist office for you to get to understand the history of the Grand Duchy.

Notre-Dame Cathredal

It is worth your time to stop in Luxembourg and look around, I definitely recommend to see it before heading anywhere else especially as it’s so small you can cover the city on a day trip.

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