Playa del Carmen, Mexico: food and stay

Trip October 2018

Hi, the last three weeks my boyfriend and I were in Mexico and Belize for our yearly ‘big’ holiday. We arrived in Cancun after a long trip from our home in Belgium and our first stop was Playa del Carmen which I am so excited to share with you 🙂 

We stayed at HM hotel and our stay was absolutely wonderful and we couldn’t be happier with our room. The hotel offers breakfast which was a buffet with plenty of choice. The outdoor swimming pool has a bar and is nice to spend some time for relaxing in the sun.

HM Hotel Playa del Carmen

The famous 5th Avenue is not far from the hotel for the ones wanting to go there for drinks or food. We went there to see what this venue has to offer but it was a bit uncomfortable as how the vendors were constantly talking to you. I do not want to sound like a complainer but you get not only amigos but also carnales “brothers”… you just have not time to explore and enjoy the street at your own pace.

Do not get me wrong – 5th Avenue is also very nice, colorful and lively. There are plenty of restaurants and shops for buying your souvenirs.

As our trip was also about getting to know real Mexican food and being able to make it at home, we ate once in 5th Avenue (after a long walk from/to Playacar)  for lunch.  We had a very nice green ceviche (avocado; cilantro; fish) and had a michelada (bear with juice and ice) but this was not really something I would drink again… not my taste and overall all very expensive.


One other big venue is Avenida Constituyentes (the street our hotel is on) and we found out that there are very good addresses where you not only will be sitting with foreigners but also with Mexican people. The prices are really fair and you have a nice lunch or dinner.

Our top 3 restaurants will be:

El Kora

El Fogon

Jarritos y Cazuelas

Finally eating real tacos 🙂

As you can see we enjoy tacos!  In most places you can pay with US Dollars and that means 20 Mexican pesos equals 1 dollar. I would definitely suggest you first check the money exchange rates in Avenida Constituyentes or 5th Avenue as they can vary a few pesos per dollar.

Also very important to know is that kind of you must leave a tip everywhere you go, 10% of the total consumption.

Avenida Constituyentes

Check in next week to find out what we got up to in Playa del Carmen!

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I work in a hotel right now and I find quite fascinating when someone comes in and shares their journey. I also like to travel on my free time with my boyfriend and I decided to share my our journey in a travel blog.

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