Playa del Carmen: activities

Playa del Carmen is certainly the place to be while you are visiting the Riviera Maya.

Some of the activities I recommend is to take cooking lessons. For us this is becoming a tradition when abroad. After looking around and comparing menus we chose Mexico Lindo Cooking which seemed a class above every other offering. We had an amazing experience and learned so much from Tomas and his team.

Cooking with Tomas

They have a different theme every day so you can choose the menu which suits you the most and for us this was Mexico’s Best Selection class offered on Tuesdays. It was so much fun preparing all the dishes and learning so much at the same time, we overran our time by more than an hour due to have so much fun and layed back!  The location of the school is between Cancun and Playa del Carmen and in the middle of the jungle which it makes it very unique.

Cooking at Mexico Lindo is definitely one of the must things to do while in the Yucatan, you will not regret it 🙂

Another activity was a trip by catamaran to Isla Mujeres. We had a good time and with a stop in MUSA the underwater museum, with over 500 life-sized and monumental sculptures.

Once the snorkeling is done they bring you for lunch to a nice beach in Isla Mujeres.

MUSA Museo Subacuatico de Arte

After that we were brought to main town for a visit. You can go to the main street where you can buy souvenirs or artesanal tequila. If you’re not interested in that you just can chill at the beach until the catamaran leaves back to Cancun.

Tequila tasting and we bought a bottle… we couldn’t resist.

My major concerned was when stopping for lunch you walk through the dock and there is a guy with a shark in captivity for tourists to take pictures with him and a guy only making profit out of the poor animal . I was shocked as I did not expect to see as a shark or any other animal stuck in a tiny cage so that the owner could make money from ignorant tourists.  Please remember to never ride animals or pay to take photos or selfies with animals in captivity.

Isla Mujeres

Another thing to do was to walk from our hotel in Playa to Playacar. It took us like one hour by foot and it was totally worth it to discover the beach and see birds along the way.

Walking to Playacar from Playa del Carmen; it took us an hour by foot.

Unfortunately you are confronted by seaweed at the beach which this year was really bad and it can be quit smelly. The Mexican community makes sure to clean continuously the beaches so it does not affect to the beauty or any other activity.

The explosive seaweed growth is caused by fertilzers used in Brazil and washing out to the ocean due to deforestation.  We hope that the problem stops in a certain time and this only is in the hand of the Brazilian government to stop cutting trees on the Amazon.

Every trip teaches me to be more conscious about having respect to nature. That’s why I take the advantage to ask nicely on not leaving rubbish at the beach. Just take it back to your hotel room. We all share this beautiful world and the survival of the Pachamama depend on us.

The first time we saw the beach in Playa, it was so refreshing.

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