Tulum, Mexico

Tulum magico is really magical and it is a much calmer town than Playa del Carmen and vendors invite you to their shops but not invasive as aggressively.  For us the trip became much more welcoming and overall just better. We took the ADO bus in Playa del Carmen to Tulum and it was a very pleasant ride.

The first thing we did once there was to find the room we booked. Once we found it, we left our backpacks and went to explore the Zona Arqueologica. We started walking but we realized that the distance was quite extensive so we took a taxi (80 pesos.)

The archeological site is amazing and the location couldn’t be better, next to a cliff and the views are breathtaking.

One other activity we booked in advance was a day to Chichen Itza, which was a must see for us. We went with Yucatreks and it was an amazing full day and learned so much from our tour guide. The itinerary they offer is really nice and with a stop in Chichen Itza, a cenote, a stop outside of Mexican jail to buy very good quality hamacs made by the inmates so if you are interested bring cash with you.

Tours with Yucatreks are up to 12- 16 people so no bus tour!

I was also very interested in visiting Coba but the day we were free, we were far too relaxed and were too late for the only bus going to the site. So we went to a street were you find a mini van (colectivo) but it must be full. It cost 70 pesos per person but there was no one else waiting. We walked further and made a deal with a cab driver and it cost us 400 pesos after some negotiating. For the way back I read in advanced in a blog that at 4pm comes a bus “Mayab”. So if you are not at that time outside the site you might have to spend a lot of money for a taxi.

Coba is a great day trip and ended up being my favorite site as you are allowed to climb to the top and have one of the best views you could have ever asked for.

The reason we were late getting to Coba was because in the morning we had decided to go for a run from Tulum Centro to the beach, it was almost 6km and at the end we had breakfast in restaurant Mina with an amazing view to the beach.  We had to take a taxi back due to heat and being so full!

If you are wondering about food definitely worth mentioning:

Dona Tina: Nothing fancy, no alcohol sold but they serve delicious food and not expensive. We were sitting with locals and you could tell everyone knew each other.  There are fixed meals every day, you just choose a meal and if you cannot decide they are even willing to make a plate for you with some of two different choices!

El Zudaca Empanadas Argentinas: A nice break from Mexican food and it couldn’t be a better choice at least for me than empanadas, I love them too much.  The alfajor was home made and exceptional.

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