Sian Ka’an, Muyil, Mexico

If you have read the other stories, you already know that we were last in Tulum. The whole idea now is to drive to Chetumal with a few stops on the way. The road is really beautiful and we saw so much.

One of the highlights of the road trip was the Muyil Ruins archeological site and set on the edge of Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. This site is far less busy than the one in Tulum.

The entrance is very easy to find and costs 45 pesos per person. You can also arrange a boat tour for 700 pesos per person which we did and was definitely worth it.

We visited El Castillo and the surroundings which are beautiful and peaceful. It felt like we had the place for ourselves.

At the back of El Castillo you will find a path which leads you to the lagoon, walking along a small wooden hut. The road is wonderful and there is so much going on, you can spot small animals, birds, butterflies and the list goes on.

Before arriving at a tower for a view point (mirador) there is person asking for 50 pesos. I told him that we weren’t planning to climb it as we were just going to the end of the path for the boat road which we already had paid at the entrance. He wasn’t very happy but I made my way politely and we didn’t climb the tower in case you are wondering 🙂

We arrived at the lagoon and the arrival is so rewarding. We spoke to the people working there and then we were off to our 2 hour long tour.

The guide explained to us that Sian Ka’an used to be a complex system dug by the Mayans, the main use was for trade and to have contact with other tribes.

The canals are very narrow and the water is crystal clear. Since we knew that we would be swimming we already had our bathing suits on.

Our guide advised to wear our life jackets as a pamper, oh yes you read it well… this was so funny but once in the water, you could float easily as the current takes and pushes you without you moving a finger.

At the very end you will find your guide back with your shoes for you to walk back to the boat. I highly suggest to take sneakers for the whole trek because sandals will not be that comfortable and not strong enough.  We took the boat back land, retracing our steps to arrive back at the entrance of the park.

All in all this was a great pit stop on the 307, if you pass by make sure you stop and discover!

Tip: You can reach one of the entrances from Tulum taking the road to Punta Allen or you can take a bus or colectivo from Tulum to Muyil (highway 307).

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