Landgraaf, The Netherlands

Dutch people have a beautiful and well maintained indoor ski village at Landgraf, it is one of the largest one in Europe.

They have 5 slopes; two long ones, one fun park and two small ones for beginners.

If you are a pretty advanced skier you might get bored but when you go with friends it’s a lot of fun.

Me and my new friends 🙂

There is a little cabin in the middle if the slopes for drinks and just below the slopes there is a restaurant with good selection of food. I ate a nice plate of linguini bolognese and it was pretty good.

Marysia showing her snowboarding skills.

Overall Landgraaf is a good place for everyone and is a nice warm up before going to the real mountains.

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I work in a hotel right now and I find quite fascinating when someone comes in and shares their journey. I also like to travel on my free time with my boyfriend and I decided to share my our journey in a travel blog.

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