Placencia, Belize

Trip October 2018

After our lovely stay in Caye Caulker we headed to Belize City and rented a car for us to leave for Placencia.

The Hummingbird highway is very bumpy and you are allowed to drive maximum 80km/h. The landscape in Belize is absolutely beautiful, so green and you feel the purity of everything.

A mobile grocery store

Our first stop was in La Democracia at restaurant Cheers. Not that we needed the rest but it is a good stop for lunch before heading south. We had delicious Belizean food and this place is really nice and very welcoming. It,s on the highway and very easy to find.

Restaurant Cheers

After lunch we continued driving down to Placencia, admiring the beautiful sights. It really felt good driving and the only thing to add is to avoid the Coastal Road also know as the Manatee Highway or “Shortcut”. Many said that it was very dangerous and practically if you go there, you are on your own. When it rains the highway can flood very easily. Another warning is not to drive late night when it gets dark.

We finally arrived in Punta Placencia to Brisa Oceano Resort a newly constructed beach apartment building located at the heart of the village and next to the narrowest street of the world.

Our apartment was perfect and so much more than what we had in our minds. The receptionist Maria is an amazing lady, very helpful and incredibly friendly. It could be expensive to stay there but in our opinion every cent was worth it.

Our beautiful room

When in Placencia we went to restaurants, bars and went snorkeling to Silk Caye with turtles, nursery sharks, sting rays and so on. We went during low season so our choices were very limited but I can say we were very lucky with everything we saw and did.

Barefoot Beach Bar
On our way to our adventure!
We went with Splash Dive Center and they are very professional.
Silk Caye

In case you enjoy food as much as we do, please take a note: Breakfast is serve in a kiosko and you will not regret it 🙂

Best breakfast ever for us in Belize 🙂

This is a pleasant place and we are glad we went all the way till there and discover

Tip: If you are driving to or from Placencia, we suggest to do a stop at Lamanai Chocolate. The owner is really nice and very attentive, and the chocolate nibs that we bought are exquisite. It was also the only place in Belize where we could drink fresh coffee!

Good coffee is served at Lamanai
Cacao nibs

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